In a recent move by WWE, Madcap Moss has been renamed to Riddick Moss. The decision was made after the wrestler dropped his previous Madcap persona and adopted a more serious character.

WWE higherups believed that reverting to Moss’s confident demeanor and impressive physique from his NXT days would better align with his new image. According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Dave Meltzer, the name change has already taken effect.

“They dropped the Madcap Moss name, since they dropped the actual gimmick some time ago, and he’ll be Riddick Moss going forward.”

Moss is currently involved in a storyline with Emma, and the on-screen chemistry between the two is expected to be further explored with his new name. As he continues to navigate the world of WWE, he is sure to face new challenges and opportunities. However, with his talent and drive, he is expected to rise to the occasion and make his mark on the industry.


Prior to his name change, Moss served as Baron Corbin’s sidekick and held the 24/7 Championship. He has also competed in tag teams and singles matches, showcasing his skills and personality. With his recent rebranding, he is sure to continue entertaining fans and potentially even rise to greater heights in WWE.

The decision to rename Madcap Moss to Riddick Moss is a strategic move by WWE to give the wrestler a fresh start and rebrand him for his new persona. It remains to be seen how Moss will continue to evolve and develop his character.

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