Matt Cardona has expressed his pride and support for his wife, Chelsea Green, following her return to WWE earlier this year.

During an appearance on “Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw,” Cardona spoke highly of Green’s recent accomplishments in the company, despite it screwing up his shtick on the indie circuit.

“She’s doing a great job. When she got the opportunity to go back to WWE, selfishly it screws up my whole shtick on the Indies, but I said, ‘Babe, you gotta go back’,” Cardona said.

Green had previously been with WWE but never quite had the opportunity to make her mark. However, since her return, she has been featured prominently on WWE programming, including a WrestleMania match and an upcoming women’s tag team title match. Matt mentioned how proud he is of her and also teased the possibility of them working together one day on the main WWE roster.


“I’m so proud of her. She’s got a big women’s tag team title match coming up. Hopefully she does well. She’s having a great time and I’m super proud of her and hey, you never know. Maybe one day we’ll be back together on that main roster. But for now, we’re doing our separate things, but I couldn’t be more proud of her. She’s doing great,” Cardona continued.

The couple had previously worked together on the independent wrestling scene, with Green even managing Cardona during his run in Impact Wrestling. However, now that Chelsea is back in WWE, they are pursuing their careers separately.

Despite this, Cardona remains supportive of his wife and her journey in the company. It is clear that their mutual love and passion for wrestling continues to bring them together, even if they are not on the same show.

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