Britt Baker carried the AEW Women’s World Title through a better part of the pandemic, but she doesn’t seem interested in another run. Jamie Hayter, Baker’s on-screen ally, is currently the champion, and Baker seems very happy just supporting her friend from ringside.

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During AEW All Access, Britt Baker and Tony Schiavone sat down for some drinks after a historic episode of Dynamite. That episode saw the company officially strip Thunder Rosa of the Women’s Title and proclaim Jamie Hayter as the actual Women’s Champion. It also cemented Toni Storm’s previous reign as champion as legit, and not interim.

Tony Schiavone asked Britt Baker if she will beat Jamie Hayter for her title down the line. Britt Baker wasn’t accepting to the idea of beating Hayter at all. In fact, the DMD made it clear that she’s not about to take another reign as champion, because she doesn’t want the drama.


Will I beat Jamie? No. No, never [I don’t want to be AEW Women’s Champion again] literally. Not in the next five years. That drama that comes it. I don’t know, just having so many people come after me behind my back, and go straight to my boss and bury me because they’re jealous because they don’t like me, they don’t like what I’m doing. That f*cked with me so bad.

During a confessional, Britt Baker said she didn’t expect all the smoke as AEW Women’s Champion. She had people claiming she faked a broken wrist, and she wasn’t ready for all of that backstabbing. Tony Schaivone told her that being a champion comes with that, but Baker still didn’t seem to soften on her stance.

Britt Baker seemed very firm about her decision to stay away from the AEW Women’s Title picture. If she does become champion again in the next five years, then that means she had a big change of heart, or Tony Khan convinced her to take another run with the title anyway.

We’ll have to see what’s in the future for Britt Baker. At this point, AEW’s resident dentist has established her name within the AEW fan base to the point where she doesn’t need to be champion. If anything, staying away from the title certainly cuts down on the drama.

What’s your take on Britt Baker as AEW Women’s Champion? Do you think that she will carry the title again? Sound off in the comments!

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