The 2023 WWE Draft is coming up, and new World Heavyweight Title will be brought into the picture afterward. Whichever brand doesn’t get Roman Reigns will get that new World Heavyweight title belt, but USA Network is more interested in securing The Ones instead.

You never know whose name will be called during the WWE Draft. The company doesn’t even let their talent know which brand they will be on, so it creates an organic reaction. Some top Superstars know their destination, and we have to wonder if that includes the Bloodline at this point.

Ringside News is told that USA Network wants Roman Reigns and the Bloodline on RAW. Roman, Paul Heyman, Usos, and Solo Sikoa are a package deal what they want. That being said, their situation is difficult.

It was explained to us that with limited dates, that makes keeping USA Network happy difficult. That being said, having a title belt exclusive to RAW is “second choice” for USA Network. We were told that, the Bloodline “remains first choice, but it’s not an option because of contracts.”


We will have to see where the Bloodline fall at the end of the 2023 WWE Draft. Obviously, they are desirable, and that must be the case if the USA Network would rather have them than an exclusive championship title.

This will be quite a draft year, because the writing is on the wall for big changes already. Keep checking back with Ringside News as we keep a close eye on the upcoming WWE Draft and everything that it entails.

What’s your take on the 2023 WWE Draft? Where do you think the Bloodline will end up? Sound off in the comments!

H Jenkins

H Jeknins is a News Correspondent at Ringside News, keeping wrestling fans updated with timely and accurate reports on all things wrestling.

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