WWE Hall Of Famer Trish Stratus has done a lot for the pro wrestling business and has excelled as both a babyface as well as a heel during her career. Her accomplishments are truly one of a kind and Stratus knows this all too well. In light of her feud with Becky Lynch, Stratus now claimed that she was ‘The Man’ before Lynch.

As seen on a previous week’s episode of Monday Night RAW, Trish Stratus turned heel on Becky Lynch, cementing her current status in WWE. This truly came as a shock for many, who were used to seeing the WWE Hall Of Famer as a babyface.

Since 2019, Becky Lynch has been calling herself The Man in WWE as she became the biggest star in the company during that period of time. Lynch still calls herself that, but it appears Trish Stratus takes issue with that fact.

While speaking with After The Bell, Kevin Patrick asked Trish Stratus if she was the original ‘The Man’ before Becky Lynch. Stratus made it clear that she was definitely ‘The Man’ long before Lynch was relevant.


“Is that a question or a statement? [I think it’s kinda both actually]. I think it’s a statement, right? I mean, I was the original, right? I mean, I am the OG like, I mean, it’s like, we joke, you’re the OG. I mean, right? I mean, and it’s crazy to me, like, everyone got these monikers, like we’ve got The EST, we’ve got The Man and The Queen, and I’m just like, ‘I’m just gonna be Trish Stratus. That’s my moniker.”

Trish Stratus also dismissed Lita’s contributions as pro wrestler. Regardless, it remains to be seen how WWE plans on building up Trish Stratus and Becky Lynch’s fed, will take some time to get started.

What’s your take on what Trish Stratus said? Do you agree that she was ‘The Man’ before Becky Lynch? Sound off in the comments!

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