Sheamus is still going strong, as he hasn’t taken his eyes off becoming IC Champion. It seems that he almost called his career quits years ago during a slump in his career.

The WWE Draft is coming up next week. We will have to see where Sheamus ends up when the dust settles, because you never know what can happen in WWE. The WWE Draft was also a time when Sheamus almost left the company, so many years ago.

During a WWE 24 documentary about WrestleMania 37 in 2021, Sheamus said he almost quit WWE during the 2015 WWE Draft. This was a difficult time in his career, and the Celtic Warrior almost had enough.

“The draft came and I had just been WWE Champion up until the end of December [2015]. And I was the last pick on the [televised] draft. I’m thinking to myself like, ‘How have I gone from ‘The Guy’ to the last pick of the draft?’ I was like, ‘This is a serious fall from grace.’ I was so angry, man, I was ready… I kind of felt like ready to walk [out]. I really did. I felt like, ‘What am I doing? I’m not enjoying this anymore.'”


Sheamus’ career has certainly been a roller coaster. He was once WWE Champion, but his career has also seen several lows throughout the years.

The WWE Draft can be a whirlwind of emotion for Superstars. WWE doesn’t let their talent know where they are going in the draft, because they want to capture organic reactions. It seems that can be a bit much to take.

What’s your take on this situation with the WWE Draft? Do you want to see switched around in the 2023 WWE Draft? Sound off in the comments!

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