The pro wrestling world is full of people who make their own decisions about their lives, even though they do so in the public eye. Faye Jackson recently spoke out to tell all about her personal life, but now she has decided to take a step back.

Faye Jackson logged onto Twitter and dropped a series of text graphics, where she told the chilling story of her latest relationship. She also dropped some photographic evidence of the abuse.

In the multiple text graphics, Faye Jackson told her story about escaping a toxic relationship with her ex. This was followed by a ton of support from fans.

I hate I have to do this but I just want to be done with it. For a year and half I was in a “situation” with Derrick Brown aka D-Rogue. Long story short I found out in February he was married the whole time. So he lied to me, was always manipulating me to take him back in between our breaks until I ended it in January. I wasn’t myself and my friends can attest to this. Besides the fact that he lied about checking himself into a mental health hospital last year, he’s just a compulsive liar, gaslighter and manipulative.


So yesterday I flew out SF because since he wasn’t man enough to apologize to me about this whole situation, I was going to get it in person. Is that causing trouble? Yes but I need to heal so I can move on. After his match I pulled him away from the locker room so I could have him explain himself. Things got heated and when he shoved his phone in my face to show me a text I smacked it down. He pushed me to the ground. I got up and swung on him and tased him. He ran down the street and I followed him to continue the conversation.

Overall no resolution. He’s not sorry for leading me on for a year and half-telling me he was in love with me and he really wasn’t. He wasn’t sorry for gaslighting me into having sex back when I had my mental breakdown, and I was crying the whole time (because he spent $400 to book his flight, so I better give him some, right?).

He wasn’t sorry for c*ckblocking other guys from talking to me because I been wanted to move on. So when he ran back to where his car was he tried to pull out I stepped in front of it and then his wife jumped out trying to fight me as well. He then tried to act like he was gonna hit me and then backed up so I ran to my car and the chase pursued. After a while he pulled over and I threw my drink in his car and I drove away. I’m done.

I didn’t want to do this because I don’t want to seem like the problem or I always have some drama going on in my life but honestly enough is enough. I’m saying all of this to say this, if he’s booked I’m booked too. I will show up because the fact that he thought it was ok to put hands on me let me know it’s an open invitation to fight. He has no respect for himself, women, or his family.

I respect for himself, women, or his family. I do take accountability for my actions. Me flying out here was going to cause a problem. But when you have a man that tells you he loves you and is in love you you everyday for over the past year, parades you around like a trophy. To all of the sudden say it was all a lie and tell his wife I was a groupie, some things you just can’t walk away and let go.

I don’t want to see him. If I do it’s going to be a problem. I’m always the one solving other people problems and that’s my downfall. I never thought I would be in a situation where I would have to air someone out and I still don’t like this feeling but I have to speak my truth. I need to heal mentally. I have great things coming up and I am a fighter at the end of the day but this is my weak moment. Just let me heal.

Although Faye Jackson followed up her post by saying that she’s punch her ex again for his misdeeds, she had a change of heart. Although she does appreciate all the support she received, Jackson said that she has decided to delete her post.

My anxiety is thru the roof now. I never wanted to do this. I didn’t want this situation to get this far because that’s how much love I had for him.

I’m taking the post down. If you see it, you see it. If you don’t you don’t.

Thank you for the kind words but I need to heal

We hope that there is a positive outcome to this situation. This is a very unfortunate story all around, but it was 100% Faye Jackson’s choice to tell her story and then delete it. That won’t stop her story from being told as she continues as a source of strength for others.

What’s your take on Faye Jackson deleting her post? Sound off in the comments!

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