WWE’s recent announcement of match between Seth Rollins and Omos for Backlash 2023 has left fans astonished and confused. There has been no build-up or storyline leading to this matchup, and Rollins himself seemed surprised by the announcement. Fans are questioning why WWE would waste Rollins’ talent in a random matchup when there are other opportunities to push Omos into a major title storyline alongside Brock Lesnar and Cody Rhodes.

Some fans have come up with a theory that Rollins may have refused to sign a new contract, or perhaps he did something to upset Triple H or Vince McMahon, leading to this unusual booking decision. However, there is no concrete evidence to support these claims, and it remains unclear why WWE would make such a decision without any explanation or buildup.

The Visionary himself appeared baffled by the announcement and responded with an accepting gif, suggesting that he too learned about the match on social media. This has left fans even more confused as to why WWE wouldn’t inform him before making the announcement official.

Despite Rollins’ recent top-notch matches, including his bout against Logan Paul at WrestleMania and against The Miz on WWE Raw, fans believe that he deserves better than a random matchup against Omos with no backstory.


It’s unclear whether this is supposed to lead to something more significant or if it’s merely a way to fill up the Backlash 2023 match card, but fans remain hopeful that Rollins will receive better treatment from WWE in the future.

What do you think of WWE’s decision to book a random matchup between Seth Rollins and Omos at Backlash 2023 without any build-up or storyline?

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