Mercedes Mone is now doing her own thing in Japan, and she’s having quite a time. That being said, she also doesn’t have a creative team’s backing, so she’s making some interesting choices with her promo work.

It seems that Mercedes Mone went shopping in Japan and picked up a mini guitar. She has decided to use that out of tune instrument during some recent promos, but it doesn’t seem to be landing the way she intended.

Mercedes Mone bought her guitar out once again for another little promo concert, and fans say it as cringe. Ringside News shared this video on our Twitter account, and fans had a lot to say.

One fan commented to say, “It’s starting to become embarrassing now. She’s trying way too hard to be something she’s not.” Another commented to say that, “this is more devaluing to her career than porn.”


Although a lot of fans agreed that Mercedes Mone’s little sing-along promo was “one of the worst things I’ve ever seen,” she still has some big fans. That Spider-Man parody where she just said that her opponents sucks over and over again might have landed with those die-hards.

We’ll have to see what’s next for Mercedes Mone, but she is certainly having a lot of fun in Japan. Hopefully, she’s not doing more harm than good with some of her activities.

What’s your take on Mercedes Mone’s new promo? Sound off in the comments!

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