Former WWE Superstar Eva Marie has hinted at a possible return to WWE for a third stint with a new, “darker persona”.

While fans have been buzzing with speculation since WrestleMania weekend, the majority of fans are not in favor of her return.

In a recent YouTube video, Marie confirmed that she’s in talks with WWE Studios about potential movie and TV projects. While addressing the speculation about a possible return to WWE, she said that it’s “maybe” possible. She teased the idea of coming back with a “dark kind of persona” and dyeing her hair black.

However, many fans have expressed their displeasure with the idea of Marie returning to WWE. Social media has been filled with negative reactions to the news, with fans questioning her in-ring ability and overall talent.


Despite the backlash, WWE has a history of bringing back former Superstars, especially those who have worked with the company in the past. Triple H has brought back several formerly released stars since taking over the creative duties of the company last year.

It remains to be seen whether WWE will bring Marie back for a third stint, but her comments suggest that the door is open for a possible return in the future.

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