Saraya is never one to hold back her opinion. In fact, her mouth recently got her fined after calling AEW fans bunch of “neckbeard tw*ts.” That fine won’t stop fans from chanting along, and Saraya won’t be in trouble if they do.

Although Saraya’s fans are influenced by the first-ever NXT Women’s Champions’ antics, she is not responsible for their actions. So, if they break out in a bunch of profane chants at Wembley Stadium for All In London, then it’s not Saraya’s fault.

While speaking with Alistair McGeorge of Metro, Saraya said that fans would love it if she said “tw*t” in Wembley Stadium. That being said, she can’t say it herself. That won’t stop fans from chanting it if they wish.

“Oh they would love it. They’ll be doing this [flipping the V]. Maybe I’ll get a twat chant and I can’t get in trouble. It’s them, not me.”


Saraya went on to note that AEW was actually pretty cool about her slip of the tongue. She was fined, but they were actually really noble about giving that money to charity.

“Luckily, AEW were really sweet about it – and I’m cursing for a good cause because it went straight to charity which is another great thing AEW does,” Saraya said. “I’m like, are you trying to stop me from cursing or do you want me to keep cursing, I don’t understand?’”

AEW might have to mute their broadcast because of a profane chant from the fans. They’ve had to censor out “cowboy sh*t” on multiple occasions in the past. Hopefully, AEW is able to contain their ravage fan base as they take a trip to Wembley Stadium for a historic show.

What’s your take on AEW fans and their profane chants? Do you think we’ll hear any in Wembley Stadium? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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