WWE recently released a promotional graphic for the upcoming 2023 WWE Draft, which left out several notable members of the current WWE main roster. While the graphic included what appeared to be the entire roster, there were several omissions that were noted by fans.

Alexa Bliss, who has been absent from WWE TV since the Royal Rumble in January, was not featured on the graphic. Bliss recently underwent skin cancer treatment and also appeared on the Masked Singer. Another wrestler left off the graphic was Carmella, who has been off TV for unknown reasons since a couple of weeks before WrestleMania. However, she was in Los Angeles for the festivities and even hosted the stage reveal with her real-life husband, Corey Graves.

Another member of the women’s division not featured on the graphic is Aliyah. She suffered an injury in September but recently confirmed that she had been cleared since October and just hasn’t been used.

Moving over to the men’s side of things, Bray Wyatt, who has been absent from WWE TV since a few weeks before WrestleMania due to illness, was not included in the graphic. Wyatt’s real-life brother, Bo Dallas (known on TV as Uncle Howdy), was also not featured. Randy Orton, who has been out of action for almost a year due to injury issues that have amalgamated over time, was also missing.


In addition, several wrestlers who have been out with lengthy injuries, including Big E, Robert Roode, Tommaso Ciampa, and R-Truth, were also left out of the graphic. However, it is worth noting that AJ Styles, who has been out with a broken ankle since December, was included on the graphic.

Shanky, who has been absent since July 2022 and had his tag team partner, Jinder Mahal, moved to NXT, was also not featured.

One interesting inclusion on the graphic that was unexpected was Maryse. Although she is not a regular on WWE TV anymore, she was still included on the graphic.

It remains unclear what this means for the wrestlers’ eligibility for the draft. Although it might be easy to assume that the wrestlers who were not included in the graphic will not be part of the draft, it is not necessarily the case. WWE may make further announcements in the future to clarify which wrestlers will be eligible for the draft.

What do you think the omissions from the 2023 WWE Draft promotional graphic mean for the eligibility of those wrestlers? Leave a comment.

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