AEW presented a very interesting match on Dynamite this week. Komander and Jay White battled it out in Pittsburgh, and it was quite a match to see with two very different styles. In fact, White had to do what he could to save his opponent multiple times during the match.

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During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer pointed out that Komander actually botched a couple of moves during that match. This caused Jay White to step up and save him, so they didn’t blow the spots.

“I will say that Jay White, in like two spots, saved what would have been botches that Komander would have made, but he saved them, so they didn’t end up being botches.”


“Jay White is great. I thought that the key to the match was, Komander kinda does, you know the big thing is the rope walk, he does it over and over again, because it’s cool and it’s his thing. Jay White would only let him do the real big rope walk spot once, so it meant more, so he kinda paced it much better. I thought Jay White did a great, great job with him. Komander looked great not winning, got some near falls.”

During Dynamite this week, AEW announced that Komander has signed a deal with the company. Although he needs to start picking up some wins, it seems that the sky is the limit for him at this point.

We’ll have to see who Tony Khan’s company brings in next. Obviously, they have their eyes on the entire pro wrestling world, and they’re not afraid to bring in someone with a totally different style to mix things up.

What’s your take on Komander in AEW? Do they need to slow down on the signings? Sound off in the comments!

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