Raven means a lot to the pro wrestling world, and he sacrificed his body for years in the name of the spot. The ECW breakout star made a big name for himself in WCW before venturing to WWE for a respectable run. Now, he is dealing with all the pain from a life’s worth of taking bumps.

Tommy Dreamer recenlty concerned fans when he said that Raven isn’t doing too well. He said that the hardcore legend is fighting to overcome several health issues. It seems that Dreamer’s words might have alarmed people for no reason.

Raven has now spoken out to clear up this issue. He recently spoke with PWMania, and assured fans that he is fine.

“My health is fine. Honestly, like, I think what the problem was, is in his interview, Tommy lives in a work shoot world. Like it’s a half work half shoot to him. And in his mind, Raven and Dreamer really went to summer camp together and fought over Beulah. And he was triumphing because he married her, I guess. I think what he meant to come across and say is, that I can’t wrestle, because I just had my knees replaced, and I’m gonna have my shoulder replaced this year, so I can’t wrestle now. And it’d be at least a year of recovery for my shoulder replacement and then he added the working part, where he’s like, you know, I don’t know if I gave him a, you know, cause damage in the chair shot heard around the world so half shooting, half working. But if that one chair shot was what gave me brain damage.


I mean, if I had brain damage, I’m sure I have some damage. Obviously, I think all wrestlers do from all the chair shots and head and drugs we take. But, you know, to make it seem like that I have brain damage, like excessive brain damage where its affecting my life, which it doesn’t. And obviously, you can see I’m clear-headed. And he started talking about boxers and how boxers, you know, when they start out there, he can’t watch boxing movies, because their videos because they start out clear speaking but then they get they start slurring their words at the end of their career.

Somehow all that got boxed in together, and it came across like that’s what was happening to me. And I know he didn’t mean it that way. He was just trying to capitalize on you know, on the story, the storyline that he’s telling for Impact, where he’s, trying to forsake, hardcore-ness to an extent or something. I’m not sure exactly. I haven’t followed it. But I was gonna have him rebuttal it, rebut it, you know, and just retract it. But then I figured he wouldn’t be able to explain it as clearly because he doesn’t know my life, like I know my life. You know what I mean?”

Raven went on to make it very clear that, despite his several injuries and surgeries over the years, his career in the pro wrestling ring is not over at all. He experienced some big injuries, which might slow him down, but he’s not finished.

“Yeah, I’m in good health. I’m just suffering injuries from my career. You know, the shoulder replacement I probably needed for 10, 15 years. I haven’t had a lot of big injuries. But I’ve had a couple, I herniated three discs in my lower back.

I had my left shoulder replaced in 2013 and it was so painful that I said that’s it I’m not getting the right one either replacing too but I’m like I’m not getting that until i absolutely have to and now I absolutely have to. Then I got to two knees replaced last year. And then I should be a perfectly healthy young man and or old young man. I still feel like I’m 28 inside. I’m 58 but I feel 28 and I probably have the organs of a 78 year old.”

We’re hoping that Raven is doing much better. The last we heard prior to Dreamer’s revelation was that Raven was feeling good enough to work tag team matches on the indies. He made it very clear that his career is not coming to an end.

Keep checking back with Ringside News as we continue covering this ongoing story. Raven’s career seems far from finished if you ask him, and we’re happy to hear it.

What’s your take on this situation with Raven? Should he be wrestling again? Sound off in the comments!

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