Raven is recognized as pioneer in the field of hardcore wrestling industry and was one of the most iconic Superstars in Paul Heyman’s Original ECW. Throughout the years the former ECW Champion was known for his dark and brooding character, which was a departure from the typical “good guy” persona of most wrestlers. Moreover, the ECW Legend is set for his in-ring return after being on the shelf for over 2 years.

During an interview last week with Sean Ross Sapp, Raven addressed his likely return to the ring. His comeback would feature him competing in tag team battles until the end of his career.

However, it seems like the plans have changed. The ECW pioneer now looks to outshine 39 other wrestlers in a 40-man MLW Battle RIOT match which is being advertised as a “mash-up of a battle royal, royal rumble, and anything goes street fight.”

Raven stated that he planned to return to the ring at some time in the future but wasn’t sure when it would be possible for him given the several procedures, he had over the past year. It seems the time for this return is near, and we can experience his presence again inside the squared circle.


On April 8th, MLW Battle RIOT V will be televised live from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s iconic 2300 Arena. John Hennigan, Willie Mack, and Jimmy Lloyd are among the additional competitors for the battle that have been disclosed thus far. More competitors will be released in the coming weeks.

Raven has made significant contribution to the history of professional wrestling for three decades. He was a talented athlete, an engaging storyteller, and a kind mentor who deserves all the credit for his years of dedication. We can say for a fact that the fans eagerly await to witness the last chapter of the 58-year-old legend at Major League Wrestling (MLW).

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