WWE has many people on their staff who worked for different companies in the past. Triple H brought Gabe Sapolsky in, and he holds a position on the company’s staff. That being said, it seems that something from Sapolsky’s past has come to re-visit him on social media.

Gabe Sapolsky is apparently doing seminars, and using Effy as an example of how to brand yourself. Effy is amazing at branding and has made a ton of money on his own name, but the indie darling would rather not hear that his name ever comes out of Gabe Sapolsky’s mouth.

Effy logged into Twitter today, and he had quite a message to send. Gabe Sapolsky is respected in the pro wrestling world, but some people might not hold him in such high regard. As we can see, Effy isn’t a fan at all with the former EVOLVE booker’s work.

“Recently, some things have been brought to my attention that sound complimentary, but I take a little issue with them. Gabe Sapolsky, you’ve been holding seminars online and discussing things about how EFFY is wonderful at branding and selling myself and making money, and of f*cking course I am! But I politely ask that you keep my name out of your f*cking mouth. Because you’re the problem with the entire industry today.


“For years at EVOLVE, because you did something good with CM Punk at Ring of Honor, you could manipulate and gaslight and carrot dangle and underpay and lie to people about pay, and give them t-shirts, or let them set up the ring for two years and then never really give them other opportunities. And most egregiously of all, making more money on seminars than any of those shows ever actually drew on their own ticket-making foundation. You, sir, are the problem with what’s holding indie wrestling down. You, sir, are the creative control that keeps people from having agency over themselves.”

Gabe Sapolsky had a response to Effy’s statement, but then he deleted his reply. Luckily for us, nothing goes away forever online, as long as people copied and pasted what he said.

“Actually EFFY this is the gaslighting, lies, and great exaggerations. You could have asked me this in person when you waved at me at GCW, and I was standing next to you in backstage instead of using me for tribalism marketing now. I give my heart/soul to indies & will always help.”

As of this writing, he has not published another response. We will have to keep our eyes on this story for more updates in the future.

There are always, at least, two sides to every story. Only time will tell what’s next for Gabe Sapolsky and Effy, but it seems that those two will not make up any time soon.

What’s your take on Effy’s accusations? Whose side are you on? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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