Trish Stratus made an appearance on the April 17 episode of Monday Night RAW. She addressed her recent attack on Becky Lynch and declared herself as the reason why women’s wrestling is being taken seriously in the industry.

Trish took issue with Becky’s comments that the Four Horsewomen were responsible for the women’s evolution, and not once did she thank Trish for opening the door for her. Trish stated that she deserved a “thank you” from Becky and the fans for paving the way for women in wrestling.

During her promo, Trish also took aim at Lita, whom she claimed had bought into Becky’s hype and become her sidekick. Trish explained that she took Lita out because she wanted to “put her out of her misery” and to make it crystal clear that she was the person to screw Becky out of her titles.

The former seven-time Women’s Champion’s appearance on RAW has sparked rumors of a potential match between Trish and Becky Lynch at SummerSlam. The two have never faced each other in a singles match, and if the rumors are true, fans can expect a slow build to the potential match over the coming weeks.


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