Xavier Woods spent practically his entire life pursuing pro wrestling as his livelihood and passion. At this stage in his career, Woods might be looking forward to his next chapter, but he isn’t ready to call it quits just yet.

While speaking to What Culture, Xavier Woods discussed his career and his next possible move. At this point, he is very busy, and waiting to see what happens next. At this point, he is starting to wonder what his exit profess from the pro wrestling business will really be like.

“I’m very, very focused on what happens after wrestling as well as what happens right now… Honestly, and I don’t know, we don’t talk about this much. I was just talking about it with one of my buddies in there. We never talk about what the exit process is like. You know, lots of people get stuck in feeling like they have to be destroying their bodies in order to, you know, make money and pay mortgage, all those types of things and I want to really explore what is that transition like. How to make that easier for people because it’s difficult.”

The bright lights of Hollywood might also be a possibility for Xavier Woods. He has a unique personality that could plausibly translate well on the big screen. While opening up about that possibility, Woods spoke about John Cena and The Rock as two great examples of Superstars who were able to pull off that transition.


“A great great example is The Rock, obviously John Cena. They’ve reached the heights of Hollywood, some of the highest paid actors on the planet. Those guys are at a level of star where they can’t go to the grocery store, you know, and some people desire that more than anything in the world. I wanna be able to still go out and do stuff with my kids in public and all these things. I’m looking to host a game show because that to me that’s a passion that I found out that I had through having UpUpDownDown, the greatest YouTube channel of all time.”

Xavier Woods is still going strong, but he is actually the only member of the New Day who isn’t injured. Big E still has not returned from his broken neck, and Kofi Kingston’s recent ankle injury will keep him out of the ring for a little while longer as well.

It will be interesting to see what Xavier Woods does in the next few years. The New Day all signed identical WWE contracts a few years ago, so talks to ink new deals could be coming up soon enough.

What’s your take on Xavier Woods breaking into Hollywood? How much longer can you picture him sticking around WWE? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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