Chris Jericho has over three decades of experience in the business and has always managed to keep himself relevant no matter what. Jericho has always been seen as one of the backbones of AEW since joining the company in 2019. AEW isn’t perfect by any means as there have been a number of releases over the years. That said, Chris Jericho recently claimed that 99% of the AEW roster doesn’t want to leave.

AEW has one of the most diverse and deep rosters in the world of professional wrestling right now. That being said, people do not view AEW as the savior of pro wrestling as they once did.

This is largely due to all the backstage drama that has taken place over the course of a year in AEW. This includes the infamous brawl after AEW All Out last year featuring CM Punk and then other brawls after that.

While speaking on the Battleground Podcast, Chris Jericho expressed how fantastic he thinks the locker room is. Jericho even claimed that 99% of the AEW roster does not want to leave the company.


I don’t really know if there’s a misconception (about the AEW locker room). There’s always ups and downs in any company that you have but, I’m not gonna say any misconceptions but I think the AEW locker room is a great place to be and I think we got a lot of great people and I think everyone’s got a great attitude and we’ve been doing a great job over the last year building our brand and building our locker room and I think most, I’d say 99 percent of our locker room doesn’t wanna go anywhere else and wouldn’t go anywhere else. Of course you’re always going to have some guys that wanna go other places and I’m sure that may or may not happen but for the most part.

Chris Jericho is very proud of working in AEW and his words clearly reflect that in a big way. Regardless, AEW will continue to carve its own path in pro wrestling and not everyone will be there for the entire journey – which is something fans have accepted now.

What’s your take on what Chris Jericho said? Do you think AEW has moved on from all the drama that plagued it last year? Sound off in the comments!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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