The modern day world has affected the pro wrestling scene in many ways. PC Police are everywhere, but some people don’t mind making them sound the alarm as much as possible. Dutch Mantel is certainly one of those people who don’t mind ruffling feathers.

Dutch Mantel is a respected member of the pro wrestling world, but he also might need to stay off Twitter. It seems that Dirty Dutch can’t go a day without triggering people, but that’s exactly what he wants out of the situation.

Dutch Mantel brought ton of controversy on himself yesterday when he made a comment about the transgender community. He wondered why he cannot say anything negative about them to speak his mind without being crucified in the DMs.

To follow up on yesterday’s social media performance, Dutch Mantel logged back into Twitter ready to speak his mind. After spotting a side-by-side of Calvin Klein underwear ads, he knew exactly what he was going to say this time.


WTF? Think I liked the old days better. Are “fat” people the in thing now? Don’t get it.

Dutch Mantel’s followers certainly got a lot out of his free account today. Dutch Mantel is known for popping off at the mouth on the microphone, and he is also skilled at garnering a response on Twitter.

This comment only adds to Dutch Mantel’s recent controversial statements. After all, Dutch also admitted that he would love to slap Ronda Rousey across the face.

Today’s society seems to come up with new debates all the time. Perhaps, Dutch Mantel is hoping that this comment sparks a greater discussion. Then again, he might have just been tweeting out for the simple purpose of farming engagement.

What’s your take on what Dutch Mantel said about plus-sized models? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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