Rey Mysterio was the headlining attraction for the 2023 WWE Hall of Fame this year. His induction was kicked off by an incredible speech from Konnan, who stepped up in a big way. It turns out that this might get Konnan some more work.

Ric Flair caught some heat for his WWE Hall of Fame speech, but Konnan is a different story. Konnan was praised for his speech on the microphone, and he killed it. This should come as no surprise, because Konnan has always been incredibly entertaining, which can still be heard on his K100 podcast.

During his podcast, Konnan explained that he actually wrote that Hall of Fame speech three days before the event, because he was so busy. That preparation was all he needed to deliver a great performance.

“I had written my speech like three days before because I was really, really busy. The way I work is I can talk right off the top of my head, because that’s what we do on the podcast, but when I do a promo, usually I’ve gone over it in my head a couple of times. I like to memorize it so I can own it because that’s something that I learned from actors, that when you memorize your lines, you’re not thinking about them so you can do other stuff and you’re not just like, trying to remember the lines and you’re kinda like one dimensional.”


“They actually gave me a speechwriter, and I want to shout out this guy, Brian Yang. He was f*cking incredible. He was very professional. He was very accommodating. I had written out three days before what I wanted to say. They were like, ‘Oh, we need to see whatever it is you’re gonna say’. I had like a seven-minute thing, and they were like, ‘Oh, you only have three minutes’, and I go, ‘Bro, there’s no way I can properly represent this f*cking legend in three f*cking minutes.’ So the guy goes, ‘Well, let me see if I can get you five’, and I was thinking to myself, ‘Alright, give me five because I’m gonna take seven.’ Here’s my thing. If I was gonna get heat, I get heat. I don’t give a sh*t. I’m gonna properly introduce my boy.”

When asked if he met Triple H backstage, the answer was, “Yes, I did.” Konnan said that Triple H was “very nice.” There is also the possibility that WWE fans might see Konnan again soon enough.

“I don’t want to get into it, but it looks like we might have another conversation.”

We’ll have to see if Konnan makes his way back to WWE. He is not under MLW contract, which was a concern at the time. His days in the ring might be over, but he can still contribute a lot to the pro wrestling business. Only time will tell if he makes a return for some involvement in the new LWO faction.

What’s your take on Konnan’s possible WWE comeback? Do you want to see something happen? Sound off in the comments!

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