WWE is not for everyone, and many former Superstars have their own unique stories. For some, they look back at WWE fondly, but Athena has much different memory of things. If you ask the former Ember Moon, the experience gave her PTSD

Athena had a successful stint in NXT, where she held the Women’s and Tag Team championships. That being said, her transition to the WWE main roster was plagued by inconsistent booking. Things just didn’t work out for Ember Moon under Vince McMahon’s booking, and she was released from her contract in 2021.

Since her WWE departure, Athena has found a new home in AEW and has also performed for Tony Khan’s other company, Ring of Honor, where she currently holds the Women’s World Championship. Things seem to be turning around for her under Tony Khan’s booking.

Athena’s success in AEW and ROH proved that a WWE release can lead to new opportunities and a chance to thrive in a more supportive and fulfilling environment. Still, she is still a bit shaken up by her former employer as she opened up about this with The Sessions.


When I full boar got here (AEW), I was still the good guy, I still had a couple of really good promos in there with Jade (Cargill) and then it became, okay, thank you for that. We’ll call you when we have something but, here’s Dark and then it became, okay — the entire time I was like, what can I do? And I just felt lost for a while.

I was like, no one’s telling me I’m doing a bad job. Everyone’s like, ‘You’re great! You’re doing great!’ And I was like, why? What is happening? And it’s almost a little bit of that WWE P.T.S.D. that seeps in of like, am I gonna be in catering for four months? Oh my God!” 

Athena doesn’t have the same things to worry about in AEW and ROH that she did in WWE. She is really able to express herself and expand on her character’s direction, without anyone telling her how bad of a job she’s doing.

We’ll have to see what’s next for Athena in Tony Khan’s company. She seems to be really enjoying this change of scenery in her pro wrestling journey. We also have to wonder how she feels about Vince McMahon’s recent activities as he decided to merge UFC and WWE along with Endeavor as the new parent company.

What’s your take on Athena’s WWE career? Why didn’t Ember Moon ever get a chance from Vince McMahon? Sound off in the comments!

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