WWE has a lot of people on their radar, but they did not bring in Jay White. The Switchblade made his choice, and he is with AEW, but it turns out that things weren’t very far along with WWE in the first place.

It was previously reported that there were early creative ideas for Jay White on WWE’s end. It was previously unknown exactly how far along those talks got, but now we know they didn’t get very far at all.

Fightful’s paywall previously reported that, “White’s impending free agency first hit our radar around Wrestle Kingdom, when we learned WWE had interest in White. In the following weeks, WWE were even confident they’d land White. Along the way, we’re told that Triple H and William Regal both showed interest. However, WWE higher ups said that the company “failed to communicate properly along the process,” before noting that AEW landing him over WWE was could have been a product of Vince McMahon’s returns and the lack of main roster hires since then. There were communications between Jay White and both WWE and AEW.”

Ringside News reached out to confirm this story about Jay White’s talks with WWE. We were told that some heard about preliminary talks with Jay White, “and it never got past that stage.”


Jay White will now try his luck with AEW. Odds are, Tony Khan realizes the kind of talent he has in the Switchblade. It might have been interesting to see Jay White show up in WWE, but that wasn’t in the cards.

What’s your take on Jay White’s decision to sign with AEW over WWE? Do you think that WWE was interested? Sound off in the comments!

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