Matt Hardy recently provided an update on his brother Jeff Hardy’s condition after undergoing eye surgery. The news came during the latest episode of “Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast.

According to Matt, Jeff is recovering well, but he’s still a few weeks away from being fully physical. However, he did take a short vacation with his family, which is a positive sign. Matt added that his brother is in a good place in life and is happy with where he is right now, which fills him with joy and pride.

“He just had some eye surgery and he’s recovering, probably a few weeks out from being fully physical but hopefully, sooner than later, he’ll be up for doing physical stuff again. He did sneak away with his family and go on a little vacation for a few days, which is nice. He’s in a really good place in life and I think he’s very happy where he’s at. It makes me very proud of him and it also fills me with joy that he’s happy with where he’s happy in life.”

To sum up, Jeff Hardy’s recovery from eye surgery is on track, and he appears to be in good spirits, as confirmed by his brother Matt Hardy on their podcast. Despite still needing a few more weeks to become fully physical, Jeff’s recent family vacation indicates he is making steady progress.


Are you relieved to hear that he is recovering well and in good spirits, or are you concerned about the timeline for his return to physical activity? Leave a comment.

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