Vince McMahon returned to WWE, and he did so in controversial manner. That was not lost on fans, and they are not happy about the fact that McMahon went against his own word and returned to WWE creative. This week on NXT, some fans had to speak up.

During this week’s episode of WWE NXT, fans expressed their dissatisfaction with Vince McMahon taking over control of the creative process on the main roster by chanting “Fire Vince.” These chants were hard to make out on television, but fans at the show confirm that they did happen.

The RAW after WrestleMania was a trainwreck. Vince McMahon showed up and hacked the script to pieces, even changing things during the show. Fans were not happy about this, and “Fire Vince” trended on social media.

During WWE NXT this week, the “Fire Vince” narrative started again. After the chants were faintly heard on television, one fan who was there did confirm that they were coming from their section, “I can confirm it… because my section was the one who started the chants.”


We’ll have to see if Vince McMahon is ever fired from the new company that WWE and UFC are creating. Obviously, his hush money scandal wasn’t enough to cause Endeavor to look for someone else to run WWE.

What’s your take on this new “Fire Vince” movement? Will it get anything accomplished? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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