Endeavor bought controlling stake in WWE, and with all company mergers, there might be releases. While we haven’t heard anything definite right now, the writing might be on the wall that cuts are coming.

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During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer dove into the idea of WWE releasing a bunch of talent now that they are in the hands of a new owner. He stated that Vince McMahon will still have the final say in that, because Endeavor will listen to his opinion on the matter.

“To be determined, I can’t say for sure. It really depends on the mentality of creative, and that’s gonna be Vince again. Rather than, I don’t see Ari Emanuel saying, ‘hey Vince we’ve got too many guys in developmental.’ He’s gonna go, ‘tell me about this developmental,” and it’s gonna be whatever Vince says it is.


If Vince feels that this is the way to go and we sign 200 guys to get 10 stars out of it, then that’s the way they’re gonna go. If Vince goes ‘we’ve got too many guys here, it’s not a good idea,’ then he could do that and a bunch of people in developmental would be let go.

That would have been the way before Vince McMahon left, and so that’ll be a Vince McMahon decision. That’s certainly not up to anyone else.

Triple H brought in several additions to the NXT roster, but he also signed a few people that Vince McMahon already fired. Karrion Kross, Scarlett, Bronson Reed, and Dexter Lumis might be a bit more nervous than others about the situation right now.

We’ll have to see if WWE cleans house after this big change in their corporate landscape. Obviously, a lot of things are shifting around, and the roster could see a cleansing, so to speak. It is really all up to Vince McMahon’s take on the situation.

It was noted that Nick Khan was always the scapegoat before, but “they were stupid then, and they’re stupid now if they still say that.” Obviously, releasing talent is going to be a Vince McMahon call.

What’s your take on WWE NXT’s situation after Vince McMahon’s return to power? Who is probably getting released first? Sound off in the comments!

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