Natalya Neidhart is continuing her family’s legacy by helping other wrestlers hone their skills inside a new-era Dungeon.

While speaking with Fightful’s Joel Pearl, the former WWE Women’s Champion detailed what she and her husband, Tyson Kidd (TJ Wilson), hope to accomplish with their wrestling workshop and also detailed why she believes she will never work for WWE in a coaching or producing capacity.

Natalya revealed that they have their own wrestling ring in their backyard, which they consider a workshop called “the Dungeon,” and they run a wrestling workshop once a week for people they know who want extra help. The training is intense and not just anyone can handle it, according to Natalya.

She said that they have had several wrestlers train inside the new Dungeon, including Roxanne Perez, Shotzi, Cora Jade, Raquel Rodriguez, and even her former tag team partner, Beth Phoenix. However, Natalya added that some wrestlers prefer to keep their training sessions private.


Natalya explained that she and Tyson are passing on their knowledge to aspiring wrestlers, but they’re also learning from the people they’re working with. She called it a “wrestling workshop” and said that TJ passes on his knowledge, while she fine-tunes the skills of the wrestlers they train.

When asked if she sees herself becoming a coach or producer for WWE in the future, Natalya said that while she never says never, she doesn’t think she has the patience for it. Instead, she has other dreams and goals she wants to pursue.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be a coach or a trainer or a producer,” she began. “Now, listen, I’m one of those people who say, ‘Never say never.’ I think coaches and producers have the hardest job in the entire company. They’re literally training the superstars of tomorrow. When you’re a Hart, you get a wrestling ring, and you put it in your backyard. Bret has a ring, I have a ring, Edge has a ring. I consider Edge a Hart. We got a ring. TJ and I, a lifelong dream of ours was to have our own wrestling ring. So we got our own ring, and it’s a WWE ring. We love it. It’s big, it’s beautiful. It’s so special to us. We take care of it.

Natalya’s dedication to training and passing on her knowledge is just one more example of how the Hart family continues to impact the world of professional wrestling.

What do you think of Natalya Neidhart and Tyson Kidd’s new-era Dungeon and their efforts to help aspiring wrestlers improve their skills? Leve a comment below.

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