Pro wrestling fans put a lot of faith into their favorite Superstars. Sometimes seeing that a Superstar’s name is attached to something is all it takes to get someone to fork over money. Sadly, scammers realize this, and one Roman Reigns fan is now out of some cash.

Roman Reigns is set to take on Cody Rhodes in the main event of WrestleMania 39. That match will close out the second night on the showcase of immortals. Considering everything that the Tribal Chief has on his plate, fans must keep that in mind when they think that they might be actually talking to him online.

Philstar reports that a woman from the Philippines was recently scammed in a big way. Someone manipulated and lied to her, obviously, because she is under the impression that Roman Reigns is her boyfriend.

This woman recently complained about a courier service not delivering a package that was sent to her by her ”boyfriend” Roman Reigns. The package contained $20,000 cash, along with other things. Her cousin is apparently the one who hooked her up with the Tribal Chief.


“I am complaining about them because they are holding my package. It contains an invitation letter, SIM card from the [United States], a VIP I.D. card and money amounting to US$20,000 in cash. They are asking me money, P15,000 [since the package was expensive]. I sent it through GCash. Up to this day, they haven’t delivered it. It was sent to me by my boyfriend from Florida, US. I came to know him after [my cousin] forwarded my number to him,” said Mayam-O.

She went on to further complain that, “Curier Eagle Delivery Services, I hope that you be honest and deliver my package. My boyfriend [Roman Reigns] worked hard for that to have it delivered to me. The P15,000 I sent you, I worked hard for that.” 

It was also noted in the report that, “When asked by Tulfo if Mayam-o ever saw Reigns via video chat to confirm the pro-wrestler’s identity, the Pinay said the WWE ‘bars employees’ from communicating, and they are being heavily monitored. That was one of the reasons why a SIM card was sent so that they could communicate easier.”

We can only hope that this woman has her package returned to her, because it certainly wasn’t going to Roman Reigns. Not only does Roman Reigns not need $2k, but he is also happily married and a very devoted family man.

What’s your take on this scam artist? Have you ever lost money like this? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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