Bobby Lashley is currently without an opponent for WWE WrestleMania this weekend after Bray Wyatt had to withdraw from the event due to an illness. Lashley, who won the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal on Friday Night SmackDown, posted a video on Twitter offering to take on anyone at WrestleMania.

One wrestler who has stepped up to Lashley’s challenge is Chris Adonis, formerly known as Chris Masters in WWE. Adonis responded to Lashley’s tweet, claiming that no one would be able to put on a better match with Lashley at this point in their career than him.

Fact is, no matter who they choose, nobody would be able to put on a better match at this point in their career than me. That’s the sad part in this not being a reality

Adonis is best known for his “The Masterlock” finisher, a full nelson hold that he would challenge several wrestlers to break in the Masterlock Challenge storyline. The storyline ended in 2007 when Lashley broke the hold.


Adonis previously revealed that he pitched a Hurt Lock-Master Lock feud with Lashley to people in WWE. Adonis is currently set to challenge Tyrus for the NWA Championship at NWA 312 in Chicago on April 7th.

It remains to be seen if WWE will consider Adonis as a potential opponent for Lashley at WrestleMania, but fans are certainly intrigued by the possibility of a rematch between the two wrestlers. Who do you think Lashley should face at WrestleMania? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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