Brock Lesnar has accomplished a lot throughout his two runs in WWE and even had a dominant run in the UFC. He remains one of the biggest stars in the world of professional wrestling and that is not ever changing. That said, Lesnar has stopped doing the Shooting Star Press and there is a good reason for that.

Lesnar had formed a close bond with Mr. Perfect during his first stint with WWE in the early 2000s. Their friendship blossomed, and they spent a considerable amount of time together, both inside and outside the ring. Hennig was a respected veteran of the industry, and Lesnar looked up to him as a mentor figure.

During one of their conversations, Hennig advised Lesnar to abandon his Shooting Star Press, which Lesnar had been performing in his matches. However, Lesnar chose to ignore the advice and continued performing the move, thinking he had it under control.

Fast forward to WrestleMania 19, and Lesnar found himself in the main event against Kurt Angle. The stakes were high and the pressure was on. Lesnar decided to attempt the Shooting Star Press, hoping to leave a lasting impression on the audience. However, as he executed the forward-facing backflip, something went wrong. He ended up landing head-first on Angle’s side, causing a major botch that shocked the WWE universe.


Despite the botch, Lesnar managed to complete the match and emerge victorious. It wasn’t until years later, during an interview on The Michael Kay Show that Lesnar revealed the full story behind the incident. He disclosed that Hennig had warned him about the danger of the move, but he had chosen to ignore it. He also revealed that he had suffered a concussion during the match but was lucky to have escaped without a more severe injury, such as a broken neck.

“Mr. Perfect, Curt Hennig, bless his soul, he said, ‘You don’t need to do that, you know? Stop doing that,'” Lesnar said. “And, thankfully, I didn’t break my neck or anything like that. But I shouldn’t have done that move. I finished the move, I had a concussion. Or I finished the match, I had a concussion. But, thankfully, I didn’t [suffer a broken neck], that was the worst of it.”

Brock Lesnar is set to square off against Omos at WrestleMania 39, where it is likely that he will topple the giant. Only time will tell whether Brock Lesnar will still wrestle after The Showcase Of The Immortals next month.

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