Vince McMahon returned to WWE after hiatus, and he took control of the company’s Board of Directors once again. This move was cutthroat, but it needed to be done in McMahon’s eyes to initiate sales talks. As much as Vince McMahon is synonymous with WWE, he is prepared to let go.

Quite a few fans believe that Stephanie McMahon’s exit may have something to do with the potential sale of the company to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is theory, because the fact is that there are also buyers who would want to bring Stephanie McMahon back.

WWE is where it is today because of Vince McMahon’s hard work and dedication. He devoted every waking moment of his life to the product, and now he wants to sell. It might be hard to let go of, but Mr. McMahon is coming to accept this idea.

According to Sean Sapp behind Fightful’s paywall, Vince McMahon is actually interested in a sale where he is not involved in the company’s future. This seems to open the door for other perspective buyers who have already hinted that they wouldn’t want Mr. McMahon’s continued input.


It’s worth noting that both to higher ups in WWE, and to those close to him personally, Vince McMahon has claimed that he would be interested in a sale that didn’t involve him staying with the company. McMahon has also downplayed rumors of influence on creative to claim to those close to him that he is back to either sell the company or oversee rights fee negotiations.

Virtually every source connected with a company that has been rumored to have interest was in agreement that if McMahon demanded to remain involved, it would negatively affect the sale price, leverage, and value of the brand moving forward.

WWE has couple of perspective buyers, and Vince McMahon is heavily involved in those talks. That being said, a new buyer might want to carry on without Mr. McMahon, and it seems that he is totally fine with that idea.

Whoever buys WWE will need to understand how to run a multicultural, multimedia company. With a reported $9 billion price tag, WWE’s new perspective owner needs to really want the property as well.

What’s your take on Vince McMahon giving up WWE? Are you shocked that this is actually happening? Sound off in the comments!

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