Becky Lynch is well regarded as one of the greatest female WWE superstars of all time. From a lackluster run as the Irish Lass Kicker to becoming The Man of WWE, Lynch achieved heights that no one believed she could. However, her rise as The Man led to an interviewer claiming that wrestling is not real and he felt the short wrath of the former Big Time Becks.

Becky Lynch recently appeared on The Tommy Tiernan Show to promote the upcoming WrestleMania 39 event. However, the interviewer had not done his research which made the interview awkward for his lack of knowledge of the sport of professional wrestling.

Furthermore, a clip from the interview went viral. The clip showed Becky Lynch explaining her impact and her moniker as The Man, justifying the worthiness of the nickname.

“Because for a long time, in my industry, in other industries, in other sporting industries, the top person in the industry has been called ‘The Man.’ Until now. I’m The Man, Tommy.”


In a startling reaction, Tiernan said that while Becky Lynch was talking, he had been teleported into an Italian restaurant in New York. The latter, despite the host’s awkward attitude to their chat, handled the circumstance with class.

Becky Lynch is gearing up for another big fight at WrestleMania 39. She will team up with the WWE Hall of Fame duo, Trish Stratus, and Lita to battle the team of Damage CTRL in a six-women tag team showdown to perhaps create another big moment in her already illustrious resume.

Is Becky Lynch worthy of being The Man? Does she need to update the moniker? Sound off in the comments!

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