Alexa Bliss is a prominent figure in WWE’s Women’s division, earning widespread recognition and respect through her numerous accomplishments. Despite her fame, Bliss should not be underestimated, as she possesses numerous assets that make her a formidable force. She appeared on The Masked Singer recently and it seems there was a good reason for that.

As previously reported, Little Miss Bliss will be taking break from WWE television, which was likely due to burnout. Not everyone was happy about this either.

During her hiatus, Alexa Bliss had to undergo a treatment for a problem. Fans were worried as she had cancer. Thankfully, Bliss made it clear that she will be okay.

Little Miss Bliss was a participant on The Masked Singer this week, which was huge surprise for fans. While speaking to TV Insider, Alexa Bliss revealed that she wanted to get over her stage fright, which is why she appeared on the show.


“For me, it was more, so I wanted to get over my stage fright. I have a really bad stage fright of singing in front of people. I had this karaoke thing happen a long time ago in WWE. We had this Christmas party where all the talent got up and sang karaoke in front of everyone and it was a contest and the winners got gift cards.

I went up to sing and I froze and just started looking around and shaking and sweating and I just sat the microphone down and I went and sat down and just was so embarrassed and I hadn’t sung since.”

Alexa Bliss was said to be on a hiatus following the 2023 Royal Rumble show. However, Little Miss Bliss slammed those reports but is yet to once again appear on WWE television programming. We’ll have to wait and see when she will be back.

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