Jim Ross is a WWE Hall of Famer and was the voice of several generations of fans, as he gave decades of his life to the business. Ross has been part of several iconic moments in professional wrestling, and he continues to be respected even now. That being said, it seems he wishes he could help AEW talent develop more.

After serving as the Head of Talent Relations for WWE for many years, he made the move to AEW in 2019. During his time with AEW, Ross has had the opportunity to watch a number of young stars rise to fame and achieve great success.

In a recent episode of his popular podcast, Grilling JR, Ross opened up about his health and how the schedule at AEW is appealing to him. He spoke about how he enjoys seeing the young talent at the company develop and how he wants to help them even more moving forward. Ross expressed his desire to work with AEW’s young talent and coach them, a role he feels he was meant to fulfil.

Despite the manageable travel schedule at AEW, Ross acknowledged that he has experienced more strenuous travel in his career. However, he emphasized that AEW’s focus on developing young talent is what makes the company so attractive to him.


Ross has been actively engaging with AEW’s young stars in recent weeks, offering his advice and guidance to help them improve their skills and achieve their goals.

“I’m doing fine. Our travel’s manageable, it really is. I’ve had to a lot more strenuous travel than this in my career. That’s one of the things that makes AEW, for me, so attractive is the schedule, and seeing these young guys develop. I wish I had the opportunity to help them develop more. I’ve been trying to do that in the last several weeks, just on my own, talking to talents. I’ll continue to do so because I enjoy it. It’s coaching, and I think that’s what I was put on earth to do, is to help coach these kids up a bit and give them hope and keep them positive. So we’ll see how that all works out.”

Jim Ross is certainly more than happy to be working under Tony Khan in AEW, as it is likely he will be ending his career with the company. We’ll have to see what’s next in store for good ol’ JR.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

Subhojeet is a professional wrestling fan for over 22 years. He got captivated by the sport during the Monday Night Wars and has a passion for it ever since. He also enjoys TV shows, movies, anime, novels and music, which broadens his perspective and appreciation for wrestling. He is a knowledgeable and respected voice in the industry.

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