Brandi Rhodes left AEW, and she hasn’t appeared in WWE yet. That being said, even though she hasn’t taken a check from another company yet, that doesn’t mean she’s just hanging around the house. Then again, she would enjoy herself either way.

Pro wrestling fans are an opinionated bunch of people, especially when the person in question is controversial. Brandi Rhodes has her supporters, but she is also very used to trolls targeting her for various reasons.

Brandi Rhodes logged into Twitter today to clear up a misconception. She made it very clear that just because she’s not with a pro wrestling company right now doesn’t mean she’s just hanging around the kitchen.

Saw a tweet saying I got relegated to “the kitchen” after having a baby. So I guess you’re either wrestling or you’re cooking meals. Well thank goodness I’m pretty good at that then. Back to the kitchen I go! (With rollers in my hair and bon bons on standby for the soaps!)


Brandi and Cody Rhodes welcomed their daughter into the world last year. The two are very happy together, and Cody brings in a lot of cash from WWE, but that doesn’t mean Brandi Rhodes is just sitting around and spending the American Nightmare’s money.

We’ll have to see what’s next for Brandi Rhodes. She very well could make an appearance for WWE down the line, but Cody Rhodes seems to be doing fine on his own.

What’s your take on Brandi Rhodes’ tweet? Did she show up those trolls with her response? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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