NXT standout Nikkita Lyons, who had been working hard to recover from a year-long knee injury, recently faced another setback in her journey back to the ring. Despite this setback, she remains steadfast in her dedication to rehabilitation to recover from the same injury yet again.

Despite her return to televised competition, The Lyoness of NXT was still seen wearing a knee brace, indicating that she was not yet fully recovered. Unfortunately, during a match with Blair Davenport, she sustained another injury, forcing her to take more time off and even revealed the exact spot where the injury happened.

Now, 3.5 months after her second ACL surgery, Nikkita Lyons took to her X to share a video of her intense training session. She can be seen doing a series of boxing punches and kicks, rehabbing her knee, and doing serious weight training.

“heavy 🦁 grind til it’s time #TheLyoness
#ACLrecovery 3.5 months post op 🦿 #Nikkita2Knees.”


Nikkita Lyons did reveal her timeline for returning to in-ring action following her injury. However, there is uncertainty about whether she will be able to avoid further injuries once she resumes competing. However, her recent training regime indicates that she is ahead of her return schedule and would be a force to be reckoned with upon her return.

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