Hulk Hogan gave a lot to the pro wrestling fans throughout his decades in the business. That included numerous surgeries from his knees to his back. DDP “begged” The Hulkster to let him help him out during a time of need, but he didn’t bite.

While speaking to Wrestling Shoot Interviews, DDP stated that he “begged” Hulk Hogan to let him come down and work with him. This was after Hulk Hogan’s 8th back surgery, but it doesn’t sound like he needed Diamond Dallas Page’s assistance.

“You know, I was in the room with him and didn’t hear any of that from him. I did see he had a staff, and I know that he’s had back issues. He’s had eight back operations. I begged Hulk to let me come down and work with him.”

“I begged him after he had his third back surgery. I showed him the video of Arthur, the disabled veteran. You know, some guys are so old school that they only know one thing, and that’s the way they train. They have a set thing that has worked their whole life. So, you know it’s tough to break down.”


Hulk Hogan hasn’t been getting around well, and he’s been walking with a cane. Those back injuries really mounted up on him, but it seems that he is still going to do his thing in that old Hulkster way.

DDP Yoga, or DDPY now, has helped out a ton of people for years. Odds are, DDP would have made up a specialized training routine for Hulk Hogan. Obviously, we’ll never know how well that would have worked, because it never came to pass.

What’s your take on Hulk Hogan turning down DDP’s help? Should he have accepted the offer? Sound off in the comments section!

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