WWE has seen a few brutal firings over the past few decades. CM Punk was sent his release on his wedding day. However, Paul Heyman was actually escorted out of the building when the axe fell on him.

The Bloodline’s Wise Man has been through a few stints with WWE. There was a time when he was fired, and it was a pretty bad look, which surprised much of the WWE locker room.

While speaking on his podcast The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the Broken pro wrestler revealed how Paul Heyman was once escorted out of the building after the event. This brutal act went down in 2006 after Paul Heyman apparently had a verbal altercation with Vince McMahon.

”It was done pretty brutally. I just remember how he was just escorted out of the building and off the property. I hope I’m not mistaken, I wanna say like there was issue where Vince said that he had received some intel he shouldn’t have been receiving, and they didn’t know what he was doing with it. I know Vince and the office were very upset with him. He was recorded out of the property and fired.”

Obviously, Paul Heyman and WWE did what is best for business, and he remains a part of the company to this day. His role is not really in creative, but he has his hand in the Bloodline’s saga so much that it’s unquestionable that their storyline has something special with it.

Only time will tell what Paul Heyman does after the Bloodline story concludes, but he will likely play an important piece to WWE’s puzzle for as long as he wants to at this point.

What’s your take on Paul Heyman in WWE? Should the company give him more creative responsibility? Sound off in the comments!

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