Fans are buzzing with excitement over Bray Wyatt’s WWE comeback and his upcoming feud with LA Knight. Wyatt’s mysterious and unpredictable persona has always mesmerized viewers, thanks to his captivating performances and surprising plot twists that keep them on the edge of their seats. Now it seems Wyatt was blasted for his Firefly Funhouse segments recently.

Despite the enthusiasm from many fans over Bray Wyatt’s WWE return, some have voiced their disappointment with his recent approach to storytelling, which has been perceived as slow-paced.

Recently, WWE started a program featuring Bray Wyatt and Bobby Lashley, but unfortunately, fans seem uninterested in their feud. In fact, some fans were puzzled by Lashley’s destruction of Uncle Howdy, which didn’t make sense to them.

Although the tension between the two wrestlers escalated during RAW this week, it failed to generate more interest from fans. Smackdown was no different, as fans are not really invested in the storyline all that much.


While speaking on Smack Talk, Dutch Mantell talked about Bray Wyatt’s current booking in WWE. Mantell stated that Bray Wyatt is “hitting a zero” right now and that his Firefly Fun House segments are simply embarrassing to watch.

“We’ve talked about Bray [Wyatt]. To me right now, he’s hitting a zero. He started out with a lot of promise and a lot of thoughts about him and where he could go. Now you’re watching them thinking, ‘What the hell are they doing?’

That Firefly Funhouse, it’s almost embarrassing to watch it, I don’t know how that has anything to do with wrestling. Kids might like it, and Bray may even be good at selling merchandise. But as far as selling tickets, if that was your main event, you’d have half a house. I don’t think anybody would be interested in seeing Bray and Brock.”

We will have to wait and see how WWE will continue to book their feud in the coming weeks. Regardless, fans are unlikely to care about the outcome no matter what the company does.

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