Nia Jax returned to WWE during the 2023 Women’s Royal Rumble match. That return seems to have been a one-off deal, but fans certainly got a taste of the Irresistible Force while she was back for one night. Still, her appearance didn’t come without a major botch during her entrance.

For some reason, Nia Jax’s music started playing before the clock was able to count down for her. This was panned by fans all over, because it only added to Nia Jax’s legacy of botches in WWE.

While speaking during virtual signing hosted by East Coast Autograph Auctions, Nia Jax talked about her appearance during the 2023 Women’s Royal Rumble match and looked back on it. She also said all she could about that hilarious production botch.

“No comment [she said when asked why her music played before the timer hit zero]. I can’t say. I know, but I can’t say. But let’s just say somebody was super excited for me to be back and prematurely hit my music. But they were really happy I was back. Let’s say that. But that’s all I’m gonna say [she smiled]. They [some fans] were hoping it was more of a permanent thing… I almost cried myself. I was nervous, a nervous wreck,” 


The music playing ahead of time had nothing to do with Nia Jax. Someone just hit the button to play her music early. It was quite a moment, and it seems that Nia Jax is okay with how things turned out.

We will have to see if Nia Jax ever makes a return to WWE, but let’s hope they have her production cues down a little bit better to maximize on the possible surprise.

What’s your take on Nia Jax’s one-night WWE return? Did you want to see her back sooner? Sound off in the comments and be part of the conversation!

Felix Upton

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