Dutch Mantell is often known to speak his mind on various topics in professional wrestling on his podcast. His opinions can be very straightforward and controversial, which often tends to rub people the wrong way. This is exactly what happened recently when he gave his opinion about Ric Flair’s “Last Match.”

It all started when Dutch Mantell criticized Ric Flair’s “Last Match” by saying that his legacy was now tarnished because of that match. He also said that Flair was full of shit.

Ric Flair caught wind of Mantell’s statement and responded with controversial tweet that accused Mantell of not having a legacy in pro wrestling. He also accused Mantell of trying to make a quick buck.

“Thank God They Used The Word Veteran & Didn’t Call You A Legend. Just A Miserable Old Wrestler Trying To Make A Buck. And BTW, You Never Had A Legacy To Begin With. WOOOOO!”


Dutch Mantell wasn’t going to take the Nature Boy’s comments lying down and responded sarcastically to Flair’s tweet on this week’s episode of Smack Talk. He even mocked Flair using his own signature “Woooo” catchphrase.

“He actually sent me a tweet today. He said I made you more famous with one tweet, and you’ll ever be. Thank you, Ric. Please, send out another tweet. I want as many tweets as you can send out with my name in them because you did me a favor. I’d say that. He called me an old something, a crippled old man. I’ll give you one; I am old. I remember him telling the fans to kiss his ass. I remember that. I’ll give you one thing, Ric. I’m old, but you are too. You are two months older than I am, so you can’t blame it on that. But I think my name today should have been trending on Twitter, and if it’s not, I’d be surprised.”

Dutch Mantell added that Ric Flair didn’t even bother to tag him in the tweet which he thought was disrespectful. The story between these two might be far from over, to say the least.

“He didn’t tweet me; somebody forwarded it to me. He didn’t even put my name in it. Now, that’s disrespectful. If someone talks about you bad and you’re going to send something about it, at least tag me in it. He didn’t tag me in it!”

It looks like this online feud between Dutch Mantell and Ric Flair will not end anytime soon. We will have to wait and see if Flair responds. Until then, stay tuned to Ringside News.

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