Chris Jericho has wrestled for over 30 years at this point, entertaining fans in the ring. He is also no stranger to movie set, and it seems that he has another exciting offer on the table that could open The Wizard up to a whole new demographic.

Hallmark Movies are very popular with a certain fan base, one that typically doesn’t watch pro wrestling. That being said, they might be educated to who Chris Jericho is if Le Champion takes this deal.

While speaking to  The Sessions with Renee Paquette, Chris Jericho revealed that his role in an indie horror flick led to an offer from Hallmark, as mind-blowing of a concept as that might be.

“I did a movie a few years ago called Terrifier 2. This movie came out in the fall and Art The Clown is the big killer. It’s so violent, it was in theaters for one day. Somebody threw up, that got around, this thing ended up being in theaters for a month and it ended up making $10 million on a $200,000 budget. I was in this movie, I was a big fan of Terrifier 1, and I was in Terrifier 2. ‘Oh, I got an offer to do this horror movie.’ I was just reading an offer, which as you know in Hollywood, an offer means they’re giving you the part, for a Hallmark movie. How the f*ck am I in a Hallmark movie? How did Terrifier 2 lead to a Hallmark movie? ‘Well, he did pretty good in that.’ The point is, why wouldn’t I do it because it might lead to something else. ‘I want to be a Hollywood movie star,’ no, but I like acting and if the Hallmark channel calls, why wouldn’t I give it a try?”


For what it’s worth, Renee Paquette has tried for years to land a Hallmark Christmas movie role, but to no success. Since Chris Jericho and Renee are working for the same company again, she might just have something to say about this. Or, she might as Jericho for some contacts at Hallmark to help grease the wheels to help her check an item off her own bucket list.

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