Vince McMahon was back at WWE RAW this week, and plenty of fans were very interested about this fact. It was a special night for WWE RAW, with John Cena’s return to the company, and it turns out that Vince McMahon just wanted to be there for the show. Still, it’s hard to believe that Mr. McMahon would return to WWE’s backstage area and not have any creative influence.

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During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer brought up Vince McMahon’s presence at WWE RAW this week. He also stated that the story he was told was that Mr. McMahon was just back for one night to visit John Cena.

This was Boston, and [John Cena’s last WWE appearance for] SmackDown was in Tampa. Not that it’s any big deal. He can go anywhere he wants. He’s got a private jet, it’s a lot easier for him.


He was in Gorilla all night, so what does that tell you? He wasn’t barking orders all night at anyone or anything like that, but he was, you know, he was in Gorilla all night, and I was told that they tell you that he was only there to visit John Cena, and that’s the story, but there’s more to it than that.”

Dave Meltzer did not expand on what the “more to it” might be, but we can only speculate at this juncture. With the road to WrestleMania in full swing, you never know who will show up, or what kind of twists and turns we’ll see along the way.

Some fans pegged different aspects of WWE RAW this week as things that Vince McMahon wanted to see on the show. It’s unclear if things will revert to what they were before with Vince McMahon calling the shots on television, but this week he was apparently just in to visit John Cena.

Did Vince McMahon showing up for WWE RAW this week make you nervous? How do you think McMahon would change WrestleMania? Sound off in our comments section to let us know what you think!

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