Vince McMahon shocked the pro wrestling world when he retired from WWE after a hush money scandal broke out. It didn’t take very long for Mr. McMahon to make his return to WWE, and this time he is back to help sell the company. He’s back at RAW this week, and we have a few new details.

We previously reported that Vince McMahon is back at RAW this week. This rose a lot of attention, because it is the first time he’s been back at a WWE event since he left the company in 2022.

Sean Sapp reported a few updates behind Fightful’s paywall. He said that some WWE talent who spotted Vince McMahon remarked that he looks different.

Several indicated to Fightful that Vince “looked different” backstage. Talent do not know why he was there and were not briefed about it.


It’s worth noting that since retiring, McMahon has visited John Cena multiple times outside of WWE. Cena is appearing tonight, and one talent theorized that’s why Vince could be there. Another person in the company said McMahon may not even be around for the start of Raw, but that was speculatory.

It is still unclear why Vince McMahon is back at WWE RAW. They are in Boston, and John Cena is going to be on the show. McMahon and Cena are close, so it’s possible that Vince McMahon just wanted to see Cena once again.

We will continue monitoring this ongoing story here at Ringside News. Obviously, this is still a breaking story and there will likely be plenty of updates.

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