AEW will often pay tribute to many famous moments in pro wrestling history. Sometimes, those moments are met with success, but the company tried a little homage to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s famous bloody shot during that WrestleMania encounter with Bret Hart, and it didn’t land as they expected at all.

One fan took an image of Wheeler Yuta re-creating Steve Austin’s famous bloody pose. The tweet also included a caption that said, “Imagine you’re Stone Cold on your ranch drinking a Budweiser, scrolling Twitter and you see this being compared to you.”

Kevin Nash was paying attention to Twitter when that tweet landed. Then Big Kev fired off a short reply to let everyone know how Steve Austin probably felt about this tribute.

Don’t worry he ain’t watching


The Undertaker is active on social media, and he also saw this interaction on Twitter. He fired off a little tweet in response to show the fact that he popped at this tweet.

Huge pop!!

It’s very interesting to see The Undertaker on social media. He is also well aware of the fact that this move “killed some childhoods” for pro wrestling fans.

Paying tribute to wrestling legends and their iconic moments is a common occurrence in the wrestling industry. However, as demonstrated by the re-creation of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s famous bloody pose by Wheeler Yuta, not all tributes will land as intended. Nevertheless, the tweet sparked a response from Kevin Nash and The Undertaker on Twitter, demonstrating the impact and influence that these legends still have on the wrestling community today.

While some tributes may not be met with success, they serve as a reminder of the impact and legacy that these icons have left on the wrestling industry. We’ll have to see if Steve Austin ever comments.

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