The Undertaker is doing a lot of things that he never did before. Some fans are still getting used to seeing The Deadman appear on their timelines.

While speaking to Busted Open Radio, The Undertaker discussed being the last one to hold onto kayfabe. The Phenom used to grit his teeth and cringe when hearing a Superstar reveal behind-the-scenes information. Needless to say, Taker had to get used to having a camera crew follow him around for the past few years.

“When we first started doing this, the camera crews would be there backstage and I would turn around and I would see them and would snap like, ‘What the hell are you guys doing? Why are you filming me?’ and then it would dawn on me, ‘Oh yeah, I told you guys to. It took me a little bit to get used to and honestly, it did not come natural to me, because I have tried my hardest to protect kayfabe and all those things. Honestly, this was in the last couple years. I mean, I would cringe when I would hear people, like we’re doing now, talking openly about behind the scenes stuff. I would grit my teeth. I just really enjoyed that era. The bond that we all had, there’s still a bond there, it just doesn’t seem to run as deep as it used to. The honor among thieves mentality.”

“I think I was the real last hold out to kayfabe and it’s funny. I was probably the last guy to social media too. I remember I posted something, I don’t even remember what it was. I normally don’t do this, I don’t normally look at comments, but I was kind of scrolling through and there was a comment that said, ‘My childhood is dead. The Undertaker is now on social media. It’s all over.’ I’m thinking to myself, ‘You’re right, I’m sorry man!’ That’s my instincts, and it took a while to work through that.”


It might have been hard for fans who had their childhood smashed to pieces when The Undertaker arrived on social media. He is establishing a different phase in his career that has continued to evolve. This is something that kept his character fresh as it changed with the times. It’s only understandable that logging onto social media would happen for Mark Calaway sooner or later.

Felix Upton

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