Santos Escobar is a force to be reckoned with in the world of professional wrestling. With his impressive physique and technical prowess, Escobar has captivated audiences around the globe with his electrifying performances in the ring. Santos Escobar made his NXT debut in 2019 and quickly made an impact by becoming the Cruiserweight Champion.

Prior to joining the WWE, Escobar had a pretty successful run in AAA and CMLL and was even set to take on Cody Rhodes at a AAA PPV event. However, the match was nixed since Escobar left the company.

During a recent interview with WWE Die Woche, Escobar discussed his match getting nixed and said he would love the chance to fight Cody Rhodes again when he discussed hypothetical opponents he could face at WrestleMania.

“We’re so close for it. I wish I had Rey [Mysterio] for the lucha libre empire. But at the moment, I think I should focus myself on getting him ready, on getting him at 100%. So that’s where my energy is right now. If I could choose an opponent for WrestleMania 39, I would want Cody.”


He continued, “Yes, I do. I [wanted] to beat him before. I just wanted to take what I thought he had and I wanted for me. Once we had the fatal four-way, I found I rekindled myself with this respect I have with him, that I haven’t forgotten about. The passion he’s got is obstructed right now because he’s distracted by his son. So we’re gonna try and fix that somehow so that we can get there. But Cody, I wanted to fight Cody in Mexico two years ago, and he were set to fight at AAA pay-per-view. Then I left the company and couldn’t do it, but I think that’s something that now is possible. So that’s why I would pick Cody for this Mania.”

Escobar has recently taken a liking to Rey Mysterio and the two men have even shown respect toward each other. This week on SmackDown, Escobar even tried to defend Rey’s honor against Dominik Mysterio.

While it looks like WWE may be building to a Rey vs Dominik WrestleMania match, the same can’t be said for Escobar who still finds himself without a match.

Santos Escobar has had an impressive run in the wrestling industry, and his electrifying performances have captivated audiences around the world. Despite his recent involvement in trying to defend Rey Mysterio’s honor against Dominik, Escobar still finds himself without a match at WrestleMania. Nonetheless, his passion for the sport and his desire to face some of the best wrestlers in the world will undoubtedly keep him at the top of his game. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we keep you updated on this story.

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