Ever since her debut in AEW, Ruby Soho has turned heads whether it’s with her fun theme song or her wrestling acumen. Since her arrival, she has put on some very exciting matches in the company. However, she has not been able to win the AEW Women’s Championship.

A couple of weeks ago, on AEW Rampage, Ruby Soho was involved in one of the most brutal matches in AEW women’s history when she and Willow Nightingale teamed up to face TayJay AS in a street fight.

This match became the focal point of the wrestling business as there was plenty of blood involved. Many fans questioned whether blood should be a factor in women’s wrestling like it is used in men’s wrestling.

Ruby Soho recently appeared on an episode of Grapsody where one of the hosts felt she was the perfect person to talk to about this topic. Ruby stated that if people have a problem with her bleeding in the ring because she’s a woman, then they should stop watching her.


“After that match aired, the reaction to it was very interesting to me, um, at first I didn’t know how I felt about it but as time went on, I realized that this is a conversation that needs to be happened because if blood is in general it’s just not your thing totally get it.

I completely understand that, that’s okay, that’s why wrestling is this beautiful melting pot of things is because there’s something out there for everybody, but if the fact that I’m a woman and I’m bleeding is the thing that bothers you, but you’re cool with like Mox and MJF and whoever bleeding but it’s just because I’m doing it is the the thing you have a problem with then it’s a different conversation. Because at the end of the day obviously, all we want as women’s wrestlers is to be treated equally to be treated the same.

So, I think that it was a very important conversation to be had because there was arguments on both sides and and to me I feel like it’s straying away from the one thing that we are trying to get away from is the reason that there is women’s wrestling is to give you something to look at when in reality like obviously if I’m covered in blood I’m probably less attractive to most people and if that’s your problem then sorry to tell you then I’m just gonna keep getting more unattractive because my lipstick’s all over my face, my hair looks like I got electrocuted constantly when I’m wrestling like that’s not what I’m out there for is to be attractive to you. So, if that is what you’re watching me for and then stop watching me.”

Ruby finally gets her chance to win the AEW Women’s Championship when she faces Jamie Hayter and Saraya at AEW Revolution this weekend. It will be interesting to see if Soho will be able to pull off a victory. Stay tuned to Ringside News for live coverage of AEW Revolution.

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