Commentary is vital component of sporting events, including professional wrestling, as it provides insights and adds excitement. However, there are instances where the absence of commentary can be more impactful, as the power of silence takes over. This will allow a moment to speak for itself, so it can create a lasting impression on the audience. That being said, it seems Bruce Prichard believes some commentators need to shut up.

While speaking on his Something to Wrestle podcast, WWE Executive Bruce Bruce Prichard talked about the need for some WWE commentators to simply let the action speak for itself.

According to Bruce Prichard, commentating is an art that requires the ability to discern when to remain silent as a play-by-play commentator. By tuning into the emotions and energy of the moment, a commentator can allow the audience to experience the intensity.

He said that commentators will help fans decide for themselves whether it is an awe-inspiring moment or not. It is the commentator’s job to enhance the viewing experience, not overpower it.


That’s an art. You gotta know as a commentator and play-by-play guy when to just shut up,” Prichard said. “Feel what’s happening in front of you. Let the audience decide whether that’s ‘Oh my God!’ rather than you telling me it’s an ‘Oh my God.’

In addition to selecting the appropriate moments to speak, Bruce Prichard also highlighted the issue of commentators providing redundant commentary on events that have already unfolded on screen. He criticized the tendency of some commentators to restate what the viewers have already witnessed, which can take away from the excitement and authenticity of the moment.

According to Bruce Prichard, commentators should aim to enhance the viewers’ experience by providing unique insights and perspectives on the events as they unfold, rather than just repeating what the audience has just seen.

“I saw that. I saw it, I got eyes. It’s TV, it’s not radio. Whenever a commentator can just lay out, so much more powerful than blabbering over every second of every show.”

Carmella recently joined the commentary team on the February 17th episode of WWE SmackDown for the match between Liv Morgan and Asuka. She had great time in that role, and might consider a transition into commentary. We’ll have to see if the WWE commentators will take Bruce Prichard’s advice.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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