Joey Janela was AEW’s resident bad boy, a role that he took quite seriously. Now Janela is signed onto GCW where he does work to boost the indie wrestling promotion to new levels. While Janela enjoys being part of the indie scene, the current GCW Extreme Champion knows exactly what he would be doing once he decides to throw in the towel.

While Joey Janela isn’t the booker for GCW, he does put together his annual Spring Break show during WrestleMania weekend, which has become the top independent show of the year.

Although Joey Janela does not control the booking for GCW, he does put together his annual Spring Break show during WrestleMania weekend. The show has seen quite the success, becoming the top independent show of the year.

Joey Janela recently joined Konnan on Keepin It 100 where he discussed GCW’s growth, Spring Break and The Collective, his experiences working for AEW and why he left, getting into shape, and more. At one point, he revealed his plans after his in-ring career is over.

When questioned about booking in the GCW, Joey Janela spoke about how people believed he had a hand in booking, when in reality he is just a wrestler. He did say that once his in-ring career is over, that is what he plans on doing.

“People thought I was the booker and stuff. I’m not. I’m just a wrestler. Absolutely. When it’s all said and done, that’s where I’m going to end up, putting together matches or booking shows.”

It remains to be seen how long he stays in the GCW. Although he hasn’t ruled out making an AEW return, Janela is currently happy where he is. For more updates stay tuned to Ringside News.

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